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    1. High Quality Smart Manufacture
      Smart Manufacturing System  |  Smart Testing  | Smart Management And Control
      Advanced Production Equipment
      • Original Germany Imported SMT equipment
      • High-precision automatic optical instrument (AOI)
      • Automatic Coating production designing according to the IPCA-610E standard
      • Automatic FCT testing line
      • Automatic packing, sorting, and palletizing system
      Advanced manufacture management system
      Tracing the entire production process and materials
      System planning & real-time tracking of the whole order process
      Quality control in advance
      Collaborative procurement
      Honors and Certificates
      Provincial Demonstration Enterprise in Informationization and Industrialization Integration ;
      Excellent 6S Supplier;
      ISO9001 ;
      ISO27000 ;
      National Tier II Enterprise in Production Safety ;
      Intellectual Property System Certificate

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