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    1. Cascade Metering Solution
      Smart centralized installation and management More customers, better experience!


      Suitable for serious tampering area and no effective anti-tampering ways. Lack the budget of operation cost like GPRS data flow package cost.Centralized location residential.
      l Investment cost lower than traditional solution by 20%
      l Operation cost lower than traditional solution by 70%.
      l Maintenance free.
      l Meter data collection rate higher than traditional solution.
      l Meter response rate less than 2s




      l All in 1 multi-scenarios support
      l Physical redundant load balance for MDC server/AMI server/ WEB server/database server/Vending Server
      l Support system level interconnection based on IEC61970 CIM/61968 CIS
      l PC software with full version compatibility.
      l High communication reliability and low investment/operation cost.

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