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    1. Field Deployment Management Solution
      Make the smart meter (GPRS/3G/4G/PLC/Wi-Sun) installation more easily and under-control.


      Suitable for all utilities and help utility to archive management, asset management, installation quality management, auxiliary metering management, workforce performance  management. Support independent deployment and integrated deployment with AMI system.

      l Improve archive accurate by 100%.
      l Help calculation correction rate of line losses by 100% after 100% archive accurate.
      l One-time installation successful rate by 100%.
      l Comprehensive meter reading successful rate by 100%.
      l Work efficiency of workforce improves by 50%.




      l Support general mobile phone platform like Android.
      l Set work flow management and auxiliary meter reading in one APP.
      l Support system interconnection with billing or 3rd AMI system.
      l Support independent deployment


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