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    1. Smart Gas End to End Solution

      End-to-end Smart Gas Solution

      In recent years, as urban gas is developing rapidly, a lot of new problems are brought along with the convenience of clean energy.

      ●The number of resident users increases greatly, which results in high labor costs and management costs of gas enterprises. Secure gas usage and gas theft cannot be monitored efficiently, bringing great risks and measurement shortage.

      ●As the tiered tariff is applied, traditional management modes are not suitable any more.

      ●The application of mobile Internet and big data bring higher requirements on management and services of energy enterprises.

      The Goldcard smart public utility solution not only enables smart meter sensing, smart network transmission, smart data collection, and service operation, but also provides smart services for consumers to realize end-to-end interaction between devices and human.

      ●Currently, Goldcard has various types of smart civil meters and industrial and commercial flowmeters. Adopting wireless remote transmission technologies (such as NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, and GPRS) and advanced measurement technologies (such as thermal and ultrasonic), these meters realize more precise measurement, more efficient data transmission, and securer control.

      ●The open and compatible Goldcard USmart data collection platform adapts to various types of protocols used by mainstream meter manufacturers in China. It can stably and efficiently provide big data collection, analysis, and deep mining for public utility enterprises.

      ●The Goldcard ENESYS operation system provides public utility enterprises with overall user requirement management such as customer service billing and precise management on the pipeline network supply side, including pipeline network manufacturing and monitoring, engineering construction, and device O&M.

      ●The Goldcard ESLink cloud platform promotes the SaaS mode that integrates various types of service channels, including social media WeChat, Alipay, online business halls, apps, and ATMs, with external customer services and internal operation innovation management and services provided by public utility enterprises, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


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