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    1. LXC Household Ultrasonic Water Meter

      LXC Household Ultrasonic Water Meter

      LXC household ultrasonic water meter determines the average liquid velocity of sound channel by the time difference between forward and reverse flow propagation of ultrasonic wave in liquid, so as to calculate the liquid flow. It has the advantages of low start-up flow, wide range ratio, high accuracy, high stability, high reliability and long service life. It can be widely used in residential units, buildings and other systems.

      Main Advantages

      Performance Advantages

      Without movable parts, it has advantages of no mechanical wear, low pressure loss, no installation angle requirements, etc.

      The range ratio can be up to 400:1, trickle metering.

      Protection up to IP68, it can work underwater for a long time.

      Ultra low power consumption design ensures more than 10 years of battery life on the basis of communication once a day.

      Equipped with self-learning ability, the meter can automatically adjust the upload frequency to ensure normal meter reading and save power consumption even in coarse environment.

      Unique Structure Design

      With sheet metal antenna, the signal is stable, and the signal strength is more than 30% higher than the ordinary spring antenna.

      Based on the physical characteristics of the infrared tube, it combines the infrared function and the button function for better user experience.

      Advantages of Wireless Remote Transmission

      ●      It can be connected to background data center through NB-IoT and other networks for remote meter reading, step water price, data analysis, percentage display of electricity, prepayment and other functions.

      Technical Parameters:





      Full- Temperature Error Curve:


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